Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Brief followup on Comb overs

The responses to the post on of loss of hair were wonderful.  Thank you.   Many of you came up with suggestions that I would not thought of.  The choices, while not infinite, were varied.  For example, one friend suggested a Russian Silver Fox hat.  The idea got my vote for style points - just not my style.  I declined in part because the model looked a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who at one point reprised a role as Governor of California.   I always thought his portrayal of Kindergarten Cop was much more suited to his talents - without any slur to kindergarten teachers. 

There were several proposals for knitted caps and many of those looked elegant but those might have limited applicability due to the climate of California. You can actually see people in knitted caps (what the Navy calls watch caps) at all times of the year.   One person suggested I was not "ghetto" enough to do a do rag - I think that is accurate.  Then there was the suggestion from Quinlan that I get a pirate's hat.   We hunted around and found a picture taken at a wedding several years ago which showed why the pirate's hat proposal was a bit off.

I had an appointment with my lead doctor yesterday and he said, based on the data, that things are progressing well.  I can testify to having more energy and getting back to be able to do things I could not do in August.  I have a third infusion (out of six) next Wednesday and then will do an ultrasound and pet scan to confirm what is actually happening.

Then finally there was the surprise.   Someone, anon I think, sent me a wonderful knitted American Flag knitted cap which lights up - it has a lot of twinkling lights in the cap which are powered by a USB driven charger.   Thank you very much Anon - I will be wearing it when I walk Indy at night.


  1. Very patriotic and even appropriate.

  2. You will have to leave the state to purchase a hat made of animal fur, as you, a student of the local legislature, know better than I.

    I do like the silver fox look but it is not American enough. How about a baseball cap of silver fox. Or really any kind of fox. I believe they are all raised in captivity now (the foxes, not the baseball caps) so the guilt level, should you encounter any, will be low.

    Let me know if you can find out where to get one. We are in Barcelona and NO ONE is wearing ball caps. Spaniards know nothing.