Monday, April 4, 2016

A tradition in San Miguel which should be replicated in many other places

San Miguel de Allende, and it turns out a few other cities in Mexico, have a tradition on Easter to create something called Exploding Judas's.   Normally there are three types of figures represented - the devil, Judas and political figures.    When we were here at Easter last year I asked a guy standing next to me how they chose politicians - he replied in Spanish "Inspiration"   A few years ago the Kardashians were frequent targets - so not all of the figures are political.

One of the constant concerns we have heard this year has been about the over-blown rhetoric of Donald Trump.   Mexicans, I believe rightly so, feel insulted by his comments.   So it seemed only natural that this year's Judas's would include at least one Trump figure.    Because of the high esteem that the Donald has generated here, there was not just one figure.  There was even a Duckold Trump - which looked a lot like a cross between the Disney character and the GOP candidate.  When I first heard about the tradition - there were several figures representing Carlos Salinas - the former president of Mexico who stole millions while in office.  So Trump's representation(s) were not especially novel.

On Easter we thought it would be appropriate (a matter of inspiration) to sponsor an Exploding Judas of Donald Trump.  As readers of this blog and my preceding one, I am a conservative.   And I have had conservative friends tell me that if Trump is nominated I must vote for him.   They say he is saying things other candidates are not.   They say he connects with the disconnected.  I think both propositions are false.

The last week has been tough for the Donald.   He has stepped in one pile to another.   Let's hope this buffoon finally goes away.

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