Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Election Guide gets even simpler

This election CAN get more bizarre even if it is now a bit simpler.  In the post on the election guide I mentioned that two candidates had dropped - making both sides a little easier to decipher.   Today Ron Paul got added to the list.   Paul is up for re-election in Kentucky and decided to concentrate on that race.   Unlike his colleague Ted Cruz, Senator Paul seems to be a constructive voice in the senate.

Then there is the story of Donald Trump (devout religious fellow that he is) who tried to put money into the communion basket for the church he was attending on Sunday.

Then there is the story of Ted Cruz congratulating Dr. Ben Carson on leaving the race.  Only problem is that Dr. Carson is still in the race and has not suspended his campaign.    When Abe Vigoda died last week, there were lots of stories about the prior stories of his death.   Twain was also caught in false news stories about his demise.   In this election season, the inevitability of the field narrowing further is absolute.  Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.

Two other comments are worth adding.   First, I did not like the process for debates that the GOP used this time.  The undercard and big table options seemed contrived allowing some candidates more spotlight than they deserved.   A better idea would have been to do a winnowing process where four candidates got to debate each other by lottery.   As the process evolved winners of the first round would then get to go on to a second and third round.   From my perspective it would have been fairer and perhaps substantive candidates would have emerged sooner.

Second, despite what the pundits said, I believe that Trump's chickening out of the last debate before the caucuses hurt him.  The exit polling seems to have confirmed that even if Mr. Trump tries to deny that.  It should have hurt him.

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