Sunday, February 21, 2016

Character Does Count

Last night was another twist in a remarkable election season.   The Former Secretary of State squeezed out an avowed socialist in the Nevada caucuses for the Democrats and in South Carolina a loud mouthed profane candidate won the GOP primary by 10% in a field of six.

This morning on Facebook one friend had photo shopped the picture at the right which expresses my deep feelings about both of the front runners.  A good president, and we need one at this point, has energy and drive but also has a sense of proportion.   Political philosophy is important - obviously a conservative is more to my preference - but character matters.   And the two front runners seem to lack that essential attribute.

For the several decades of being around the public process Clinton has remarkably little real accomplishment.   And scandal seems to follow her around.   Beginning with her fanciful story about making near perfect trades in commodities and carrying through her monumental failure in trying to develop a health plan through her most recent escapades by installing a private and mostly insecure to hide her email (although not to people that matter) there is an arrogance in her character which is almost overwhelming.   What amuses me about Hillary is that many of her supporters can overlook this relatively consistent pattern of failure and deception.

The funny thing about the current front runner in the GOP, he has many of the same characteristics.  Except that while Hillary is at least seemingly diligent on policy, Trump has a disdain for even beginning to understand the issues with any level of subtlety.   He has the same disregard for the facts that she does (yes he did go bankrupt, at least several of his ventures did).   A decade ago he took on Vince McMahon in the World Wrestling Federation's Wrestle Mania (Click on the link to see this highlight of the Donald's career) - somehow that does not, IMHO, qualify him to be president.

Last night Jeb Bush withdrew from the GOP race.  While I think he would have made a good president - he is smart and he does have character - this was not his year.   His withdrawal statement was one of the most gracious I've ever heard.

Some of the chattering class have yammered that Trump is now inevitable and that Hillary will also run the table.   I say in this strange year - why can't we do much better than either of the front runners.   The country is divided almost evenly with the parties trading off electoral victories over the last eight years (Dems won 2008 and 2012 and the GOP won 2010 and 2014).   Let's hope for the country that the pundits are wrong about both.

Dick Tuck quipped at one point that "the lesser of two evils is still evil" - in this case both or the two front runners would not help the country move forward.


  1. Could not agree more, JB......character does count, a LOT! Chuck

  2. I could not agree more, JB. Character does count.....a LOT.